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"Nato is a series part of a three years research on the themes of body appropriation and biophilia. Body parts and organic elements - such as plants, flowers and saliva - appear contemporary in the Artwork scans. The series started as the creation and exploration of secret worlds: it rapidly and irreparably became a ritual of reappropriation of the body and of organic landscape parts. In these micro-landscapes, a possessive relation is established between body and organic elements, passional biophilia that only exists in the intimacy of deep water."

Titles: Nato, Nato II, Primavera I, Primavera II, Primavera III, Stretching

Year: 2023

Technique/medium: Mixed media scan: Vanda cerulea, Bougainvillea spectabilis, saliva, lubricant, body parts

Series: Nato

2023 // Nato / Visual Art / Humid Landscape Series

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