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timelab // La Triennale di Milano // 2018

For the La Triennale late opening TimeLab investigated the personal time/space perception of a very precise moment of the day with an exercise.

The exercise is to trace, while blindfolded, the very personal time-and-space-routine  (movement by movement and second by second) between the moment you enter the door of your house and the one you switch yourself off (sleeping, relaxing). 

“Every day we get out of the bed, go to the bathroom and then to the kitchen. We leave the house, get on the bus and then go to work. But how much time do we actually spend in these spaces? Are they proportionate to our needs? Are we always physically and mentally present in the space or our mind is somewhere else? Are we now designers of time as well as space?
TimeLab, with the students of Interior Design of the Politecnico di Milano within the Ephemeral Temporary Spaces Design Studio, investigates the relationship between the spaces we occupy every day, and the time we actually spend there. TimeLab will explore the meaning, shapes, reality or virtuality of the spaces we inhabit through the creation of a cronotopo, a schematic representation of a day’s spacetime.”

a SenseLab project

with Anna Barbara, Aurora Destro, Matteo Armenante

illustrations Albi Paletta


with the students of Ephemeral Temporary Spaces Design Studio a. y. 2017/18, Design Faculty, Politecnico di Milano

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