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the temple of sha_e // 2019

Little temple found in a quite unconscious place. No-one knows where it comes from, but it’s full of recognisable traces of sincere human worship belonging to our civilisation: an extinction flower (yes he’s the last one), a bloody exotic cactus, a fallen blossom, an old vegan turtle (proving veganism it’s actually healthy and possible for long timespans), a confused chameleon, some plastic-free puppets, happy bacteria (they’re always), a spinning prayer wheel column, a bio amulet for green superstitious worships, an expired coffee maker, arthropodal roof antenna (free wi-fi).



Team: Aurora Destro, Veronica Franceschinis, Benedetta Zannoni


The artwork was born as an html page to be displayed at the wrong biennale in the megalith pavilion by Jeremy Cahill & Seong-Young.

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