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shibuya karaoke dance // international competition // 2019

“Shibuya”-style Public Space 2018 // second award //


Every crossroad has its own rhythm. Every city has its own dance. As community we play that dance. As individual we take part at these different dances around the world.


A big LED carpet. An enormous dancing floor made of thousand and thousands and thousands of lights showing you how to move, guiding you through the crossroad.

Imagine Shibuya (or any other similar part of a contemporary city), 2019. People rushing to their work, home, date, favourite shop. They move almost unconsciously through the space. Now imagine you are at the busiest crossroad in the city but there are no more zebra lines. What do you do? Ignore and continue as everything is normal? Stop? Suddenly some lights appear and call for your attention. Red lights pulsing from the floor. You come closer to see what is happening. The group of lights becomes a line. A moving line showing you how to dance through the crossroad.

Some people follow the lights. They are dancing! Do you join them? Or you come back in the night when there is less chaos and try your dance?

Our LED carpets is a very big dimension horizontal screen (70 x 70 m). We can use it in many different ways. To reproduce the crossroad lines. To reproduce a video, an image. It is so big that is even visible from a satellite view. It becomes a landmark. Landmark perfectly in style with the concrete and light jungle that todays metropolis became.



a Politecnico di Milano and SenseLab project

with Aurora Destro, Petra Tikulin


with Giset Paola Paez Catano, Flora Cattellacci, Yongmei Cui, Erika Grigis, Lorena Palazzolo, students of Ephemeral Temporary Spaces Design Studio a. y. 2018/19, Design Faculty, Politecnico di Milano


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