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Mezzaluna / LAZZARO Art doesn't sleep / collective exhibition // 2021


Cafone bread and scan

Napoli 2021


This work is part of Art Heals, the 5th edition of LAZZARO_Art doesn't sleep exhibition - the 1st edition was in May 2020. It includes various types of art, from painting to digital art to drawing and collage.

On February 25th, 2021 the artworks of the artists have been projected in 19 cities of the world: Novi Sad, Belgrade (Serbia), Maastricht (Netherlands), Stroudsburg (Pennsylvania), New York (USA), Coimbra (Portugal), Madrid (Spain), Lima (Peru), Kolkata, Kohima (India). Italia: Latina, Pontinia, Pomezia, Roma, Napoli, Milano, Casoli (Lucca), Rodio (Salerno)


Curated by Claudia Pecoraro and Laura Mega.

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