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buildings' gender // “high rise” // collective exhibition // 2014

When I was asked to link some words to the concept of verticality I immediately thought about masculinity. The “competition for height” can be seen in the buildings of every age that shape the architecture of cities. Buildings are symbols and the vertical ones are males. A church, for instance, is made by two complementary parts, the tower as masculine symbol, and the dome that indiscriminately hosts the believers in a maternal way. This project focuses on Milano-Isola, a zone in which many male-edifices have been built. From this perspective the menace of this buildings is naively diminished, in order to stimulate new thoughts and ideas for the future.



"High Rise - Collective Visions” (Architecture Reporter)

Politecnico di Milano, Scuola di Architettura e Società, via Ampère 2

May-June 2014



Ferreri A. & Marongiu S. (Eds). (2014). High Rise - Collective Visions. Milan: Edizioni Poli.Design. ISBN: 978-88-95651-09-5. (Aurora Destro. Buildings’ Gender pp. 24-8, 90-1)

organised by

Andrea Ferreri and Stefano Marongiu

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