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Collective exhibition curated by a.topos Venice

September 27th – October 9th, 2021

Palazzo Donà Brusa
San Polo 2177, Venezia


"Humid Landscapes is a five artworks series realised in Milan during the 2020 lockdown. Body parts and organic elements - such as plants, roots and saliva - appear contemporary in the Artwork scans. The series started as creation and exploration of secret worlds: it rapidly and irreparably became a ritual of reappropriation of the body and of the natural landscape, in a moment in which the first one was imprisoned and the second one denied. Body and organic elements established a possessive relation, passional biophilia that only exists in the intimacy of deep water."

Titles: Dafne, Landscape I, Danae I, Landscape II, Danae II

Year: 2020

Dimensions: 42x30 cm, 30x42 cm

Technique/medium: Mixed media scan, fine art print

Series: Humid Landscapes

2021 // Humid Landscapes / Collective Exhibition / Venice IT

a.topos Venice, for this third and last encounter of the first edition of the open call THE CREATIVE ROOM, brings together the exhibitions See you, Tomorrow and Camera Oscura. The artists involved are: Mario Afonso, Nikolaos Akritidis, Elodie Barattucci, Laura Binaghi, Cecilia Brugnoli, Calembour, Savina Capecci, Melanie Cravero, Aurora Destro, Damiano Fasso, Aldana Ferreyra, Francesco Fossati,  Alexandra Freye, Sara Fruner, Anne Solange Gaulier, Noel Hensey, Michalina W. Klasik, Alessandro de Leo, Fabrizio Narcisi, Hermano Noronha, Paolo Panzacchi, Samantha Passaniti, Alina Petre, Jake Scharbach, Alessandro Secondin, Mattia Sugamiele, Ana Luiza Torres, Janina Totzauer, Pengpeng Wang, Anne-Lise Weinberger, Beatrice Zagato, Jagoda Zwiernik.

See you, Tomorrow unfolds a curatorial narrative in which Art is used as an activism tool to address major issues highlighted by the pandemic, such as the environmental crisis, domestic abuse and consumerism. Based on different media, the selected artworks are powerful responses to social, political and economical problems, advocating on the possibility - and urgency - of a better tomorrow, as well as inviting visitors to individually take action in disclosing and preventing the exposed matters.


Camera Oscura gathers artists that capture how themselves or others were coping with isolation and restrictions through the lens of a camera. The focus on photography does not imply a flat, monocorde tone though. On the contrary, it is a revealing set of plural approaches, interests, points of views and interpretations. The quick register allowed by the camera is trespassed by multiple subjectivities that overcome any attempt of mimetic gestures and the fallacy of neutrality.  


The two chapters close the group of 5 international collective exhibitions, gathering 63 creatives around different strategies to reinvent oneself and keep the creative flow running despite the obstacles imposed by times of exception. 


Alongside with THE CREATIVE ROOM shows, the courtyard of Palazzo Donà Brusa will host Federica Zianni’s Argo, selected by a.topos Venice for the special prize of the open call “We Art Open” organized by No Title Gallery.

a.topos curatorial team

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